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"Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities."
- Ralph Marston


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Hello again! Well, by now, we've welcomed in the New Year, some of us probably made some New Year's resolutions, and some may have already abandoned them. Either way, thank you for coming back here for some more positivity. The beginning of this year has not been easy for my family. There are still so many things ahead to prepare for - that is with a new baby on the way.

I had planned to release this earlier in the month, but our house has had a few emergencies that are higher on my priority list than designing wallpapers. (I trust you can understand.) But I didn't want the entire month to go by with first getting at least 1 new "wall" up this month. So, to start the new year off, I present to you this new wallpaper called, "Welcome", making it the 188th overall wallpaper to the site.

Welcoming in something or someone usually encompasses an invitation to others in a warming way. "Welcome to our home!" "Welcome to the family!" Actually, both these things are phrases I could be saying to our new baby in a few weeks - hopefully.

This past weekend, a baby shower was given by a few of my wife's friends and family at our home. Their celebration of our baby was a warm welcome indeed for both of us. So, to highlight this special occasion, and how it fits with our ringing in the New Year this month, I decided to use this image to "Welcome" you to the new season of Success Wallpapers and to this new year of 2018.

For now, my wife and I still have much work to do in preparation for this new life coming. (Just to make clear, I'm not calling my coming child a "problem" - it's just a fitting quote to use here.) We both know that it will be a challenge filled with good times and bad, but we welcome our new baby to this world soon and look forward to the blessings this child will bring.
- Original blog entry from 01.31.2018

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