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"Vigilance is required to protect against negativity. Even apathy can wreck progress. Negativity masks itself in many forms, seeking to destroy." - Lincoln Patz


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Happy Halloween today! This new wallpaper won't be really on the scary side, but if you read into today's theme, you might find the correlation. This wallpaper is called, "Watchfulness", making it the tenth new one for the year, and the 185th design overall to the gallery.

Worry, fear, anxiety and depression: these are all forms of intense negative thinking, even though they may not always appear so at first glance. But we need to realize that the middle ground between positive and negative is still dangerous. Attitudes of apathy, lethargy, indifference, and detachment are no better than the more intense feelings mentioned already.

We need to keep a close watch and be mentally alert as to what is trying to enter into our minds every day.

Of course this is probably the last thing you'd want to hear preached on a day that celebrates "the scary". Ok, maybe we can enjoy being frightened for today - but we all know that this is all really for entertainment. So, I'll excuse you today and let a few hours slide by.

However, after today, we need to guard against these thoughts that seek to tear us down. This is more important to our overall well-being than you might realize. The news is just filled with its own horror with what is out there in the world.

Just remember that vigilance is required to protect ourselves as there is a force out there always looking to destroy and tear down. We must be watchful, and we must be headstrong.
- Original blog entry from 10.31.2017

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