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"It is not by chance but by Divine design that you are here today, and you matter more than you will ever know to many you will ever see." - Lincoln Patz

You Matter

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In order to make this month more productive, I've decided to get things started off quicker this month by creating a new wallpaper this weekend. Just a few hours ago, I've completed this design entitled, "You Matter", making it the eighth new "wall" for the year, and the 183rd design overall to the gallery.

When one hears the phrase "You Matter", one is likely to envision a person's voice trying to reach out to someone who is either very depressed, or even worse, so despondent to the point that they are suicidal. Explaining how special the depressed loved one is may be one of the first points that someone will argue to a suicidal person to convince them to reconsider.

Sadly, the depressed person will likely reject this point as they are already at a severe low point of self-worth or too hopeless about life and where it's headed.

What's sad is how the message is rejected simply because they have trained, or poisoned, their minds to reject the truth of how special and treasured they genuinely are.

Take a look around you. We all probably know someone in our life today that is suffering from some sort of a poisoned outlook on either life or of themselves. We need to encourage and support these people in our lives and make them realize how special they truly are to us and to many others.

If, by some chance, you are reading this right now and you are feeling suicidal today, please realize that you are very special to at least someone, if not a myriad of others who both love you and really need you in their lives.

Life will have both its extreme highs and its crushing lows. No one is immune to it. What we each have the power to do is how we react to it when the lows come our way.

And I totally understand that for some, you may very well need to seek professional help in dealing and overcoming those tough and difficult times. And there is no shame in this - because this is you who we are talking about.

But there is always hope. There is always a way out! Do not let negative thoughts or feelings destroy what life still has to offer. All things come to pass. All things change if given enough time. Give yourself a chance by realizing that YOU MATTER!

You are here today for a very specific reason. It is not by chance but by Divine design that you are here today, and you matter more than you will ever know to many people out there that you may never see or meet.

Even if you may be the whole world to only one person or another living thing, they depend on you and you matter so much to them. And that makes you very, very special. You have a purpose. Don't let anyone - including yourself - tell you different. Don't give up - you are worth so much more than you may ever know.
- Original blog entry from 08.05.2017

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