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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Good day to everyone! This week is kind of a special week for me as, tomorrow, I will be celebrating this site's 10-year anniversary. (For that, I'll be making a special post tomorrow.)

For today, I'm releasing a special wallpaper in it's own right - as this wallpaper was specifically requested to be created by one of my Facebook viewers. So thanks, Michael, for your request and I hope this one fits perfectly for your needs. (By the way, I do welcome suggestions - if the topic hasn't yet been done).

This new wallpaper is entitled, "Winners", making it the sixth new design for the year, and the 181st overall to the gallery.

Winners - it's what everyone desires to be in life. We all want to win. Who really wants to lose? What's great is winning can be about something specific to one person, and be defined as something totally different to another. For most, we all attach a positive end goal to winning, but we all have different meanings for what "winning" really is.

Winning has definite connections to sports of course. Playing a sports game is probably the first experiece when a child learns about what winning (or losing) is. It's funny to think that the games just get harder in life as we grow older. Although these games or constructs are much different, we still feel the same intensities and emotions whether we succeed or fail at them. The epiphany of it is when we realize that we each decide on how the "game" can be won. The reward is when we finally decide on choosing to win - that's when everything changes!

Winning definitely comes from within. It's an attitude as much as it is an end result. Winning on the outside - that is - all the effects from applied learning and persistence, only comes after we've done the work on the inside. Work is required in becoming a winner. To work so hard that we can't possibly do more is what it takes to be a real winner - to become the very best version of ourselves. We can't be given that. It's something that can only be earned. Winning comes from a mastery of self and applying that mastery to a worthwhile cause in life. Sadly, not everyone is willing to put in this kind of work. Ultimately, they suffer the consequences of letting up, setting themselves on "cruise", and settle for much less in life.

But when we do put in the work, which allows us to grow both inside and out, the "winning" in life will be that much sweeter.

Make today the day you either continue to press yourself into becoming a winner in life, or begin today (if you haven't yet) and enjoy the journey to growth and success!
- Original blog entry from 06.30.2017

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