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"What is important in life is life, and not the result of life." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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Well, another year has almost come and gone. I was originally planning on making a Christmas-theme wallpaper this year to close out my 9th Season for the site, but due to a few specific things, I opted to save that idea for next year and waited a few days after Christmas had passed to release this new wallpaper I call, "Priorities". This wallpaper is the sixteenth and final addition for 2016, and the 175th overall to the gallery.

We all can't agree what's most important in life. We are all different people with different desires and motives. Sure, we may be able to agree - in theory - on what's most important. But, let's face it, people can be selfish, short-sighted, and greedy.

The telltale spotlight in figuring out what our true priorities are is where we spend the most time on. It's actually amazing how self-evident this is, yet rarely examined in one's life. I must admit I don't do this as often as I should myself.

We need to examine where we spend our time and focus each day and make the effort to readjust our priorities when needed.

So when is it needed? When, after calculating what our true priorities are, and we see that they don't align with our core values. They don't necessarily need to be a bad thing, they could be great pursuits, but do they match the principles of your character. I'll simply say that putting time into other's lives and our relationships is what's really the most important.

I know that there are a few things that I need to realign for 2017. If you need to as well, make that change!

So, to finish up this year, I'd like to wish you a successful and Happy New Year! Here's to making this next year, 2017, a great one - filled with worthy priorities!
- Original blog entry from 12.29.2016

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