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"A small amount of active knowledge is more valuable than a vast amount of passive knowledge."
- Lincoln Patz


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Hello again! Another month come and gone - which for me seems to be the norm. My family is in the middle of moving to a new home, so things are very hectic around my house these days. I wanted to release something new this month, however. Well, this isn't really a new design to me, but it's new to this gallery (so, therefore, it's new for you too).

Because of the move, I didn't have much time this month to design yet, so I went back to my older files and decided to use this design which I've been hanging on to for a while. It actually is a nice surprise at times to go back and see all the things I had composed but never released yet. I call this one, "Knowledge", making this the tenth design for this year, and the 169th overall to the site.

I've wanted to release this one much sooner than now, but the way my design process goes, sometimes I go on a creative streak and crank out 3-4 wallpaper designs in only a few days, as I struggle to create something worth releasing. On many occasions, my favorite of those 3-4 get published, while I "bank" my 2nd and 3rd choice designs for later. This happened to be 1 of those walls I had banked a long time ago. Other times I have an idea, but due to the timing and topic, I hold onto something for a later specific occasion.

(So, that's a little insight on my process - now on to my real commentary.)

Knowledge is a fine thing to seek - especially if one can have the mindset that knowledge is worth seeking to get to a higher place in life. Ignorance destroys life, while knowledge leads to wisdom (if applied), which ultimately leads to a fuller and richer life.

Earlier in my life, I bought many books, but really struggled at finding the time to read them all. I actually still struggle to find time actually. Buying things like books are fine, but if I never read them, then what good are they to me? Not much! The same is true with any form of information or knowledge. We need to seek it out, but that's only the first step - applying what we learn is key. Then, for it to be of most value, we should pass that knowledge on.

Louis L'Amour once quipped, "Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value." Seek wisdom by seeking knowledge. Then apply that knowledge as much as you can in life. It's well worth the price to acquire it. Then share that wisdom with others.
- Original blog entry from 09.30.2016

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