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"Appreciation is a wonderful thing - it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire


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Tomorrow will mark my 9-year anniversary since I put up my first webpage here on SuccessWallpapers. And I'm thankful for the opportunity and blessings that came with making this website, along with it's wallpapers. I also am thankful for the many visitors and users who've come by and shared with others my work here as well. Thank you!

So, with another holiday just around the corner, as well as one that last month focused on remembering past loved ones, I've decided to release a new wallpaper called, "Appreciate", making it my seventh new design for this year, and the 166th overall to my site.

Last month around this time, America was getting ready to honor it's fallen with Memorial Day. Coming soon in a few days, we will be celebrating America's Independence Day. (In fact, I have a coming wallpaper to celebrate that too.) This week though, I wanted to highlight this topic that everyone should be doing daily in life: living with appreciation.

Every human being on this planet shares a crazy need: the need to be appreciated. It doesn't even seem that important does it? It's not like it's the difference between life and death. Or is it? Suicide rates seem to continue to climb in this day and age. Divorce rates are still very high which leads to all kinds of depression and ruin. And if we're all honest with each other, we'd have to admit that all of those things have something do to with being appreciated by others - especially the ones we love and are closest to in life. I admit I don't appreciate everyone in my life the way I ought to. Chances are very likely that most people at some point or another feel under-appreciated by even the closest ones in their lives. We need to share with others more how special they are to us and how much we appreciate them.

When I found this quote by Voltaire, and the image that I had here for this topic, I loved how this thought connects both people in this image to increased self-worth as an effect of the one lifting up the other in this scene. The man values and appreciates this woman, and her radiance here comes back as a blessing on this man. So easily we can experience too the blessings that come back from appreciating others. We become richer in ways we didn't realize before.

One more quote really stood out to me as I was researching in deciding on which quote to use for this wallpaper. Baltasar Gracian once said, "Wise men appreciate all men, for they see the good in each and know how hard it is to make anything good." I really love that quote. Appreciating the good things in life, and being appreciated as well - I sincerely hope that I can consistently experience both sides of that fence in my life. It's a goal worth working toward.

And I really do hope you appreciate this wallpaper too! smile

I surely do appreciate all who have come by these past 9 years. May you be blessed today!
- Original blog entry from 06.30.2016

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