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"To cleanse what's inside, you must purge with pure inputs. And a pure heart starts with a detox of the mind." - Lincoln Patz


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Today I've finished up another new wallpaper entitled, "Purify", making it my fifth of the year, and the 164th overall to the site.

My household - which right now consists of me, my beautiful wife, and our precious little cat, named Yuki - has been through some trying times recently this year. In fact, one of these challenges directly influenced me on choosing tonight's topic in particular.

Two weeks ago, my wife and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. As part of my present for my wife, I thought it would be nice to buy her some flowers for the occasion. Not thinking too much of what specifically could be harmful to our precious little kitty, I bought an arrangement, brought them home, and settled on a place where we'd usually display a bouquet of flowers.

Well, you probably already guessed what happened. The following week - which was last week - Yuki decided that a certain flower's leaves looked too good to pass up. She chewed and consumed around 5-7 half leaves of a Tiger Lily flower. Again, the thought of bringing home something pretty into our household never occurred to me to pose any danger. Yuki never became ill from eating anything in our house before - why should we worry? I obviously wasn't careful enough.

Fortunately, I found a small pile of vomit with green leaves in it about an hour after she consumed them. After rushing Yuki to our vet, she was put on an IV to flush out her kidneys, among other things. We ended up having to keep her in the vet hospital for 5 days to maximize the potential of her recovery. This week I was able to take her home finally. It was great to have her back. It was torture not knowing if she'd survive. My wife and I are actually still hoping and praying that she recovers fully as we haven't yet gone back to the vet for a follow up blood test on her. (We were told to wait 2 weeks before coming back.) Toxicology reports showed that she had roughly 60% kidney damage due to those lily plant leaves.

All I could keep thinking about last week when she was at the hospital was "Why didn't I check first before bringing those flowers home?" "Why did Yuki have to eat those leaves?"

Hindsight is 20/20 of course. Well, one of the biggest factors that really helped to save Yuki was the early detection that she consumed the toxic plant and getting her system flushed of the toxins before they could crystallize in her system. We had to purify her kidney with an IV solution to flush out the toxins.

The strangest part of this whole thing was that the symptoms of the toxic intake didn't even show up for at least 24 hours. Her vitals were fine upon initial check-in. But a day later, her kidney tests indicated that they were damaged. We were blessed to have had that early opportunity to treat her when we did.

As humans, we don't realize how poisoned we may be in other areas within us. One of the biggest is the mind. It's been said that we produce up to 50,000 thoughts a day - and 70% to 80% of these thought are negative. Negative! This means that an average human being tends to create up to 40,000 negative thoughts a day. When I think about that (which ironically is another negative thought), it makes me cringe. Just as I should've been careful enough with those dangerous flowers I brought in, we need to purify our minds daily with good and wholesome thinking. Just as the body requires daily purification through good exercise and a healthy diet, so does the human heart require a detox of the mind. We need to put pure things in, so we can get the best out of ourselves.

Healthy living is not just about the physical. The mental and spiritual are just as real and - could be argued - are the most important parts about us. Humans can easily grow depressed, jaded, and bitter over time if they allow "stinkin' thinking" to take ahold of their minds - which ultimately will seep into their hearts. And by "heart", what I really mean is their spiritual lives. When you're constantly looking and focusing on the bad, or even the worst, it's likely going to damage one's soul. As a Christian, I believe the way to keep a pure heart is through daily prayer and meditation on God's Word. This is the ultimate cleansing of the heart and mind.

It's pretty obvious to everyone that a steady diet of junk food like burgers, fries, and candy will cause the body harm. Why do we forget so easily to exercise our minds in a healthy manner? Please do yourself a favor and remember to exercise your mind and soul each day by protecting all that comes in your brain. Focus on the good and pure, and leave the rest behind.

By the way, since Yuki's been home, she seems to be recovering quite well. She definitely seems to be acting like her normal happy self. We won't know for sure how healthy her kidney's are yet until we return her to the vet in 2 weeks. But we would really appreciate your prayers for her recovery. Thank you!
- Original blog entry from 04.28.2016

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