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"A hard beginning maketh a good ending."
- John Heywood

Quantum Leap

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Today is known as Leap Day, and for this special occasion, I've created a new wallpaper entitled, "Quantum Leap", making it my third wallpaper of the year, and the 162nd overall for the gallery. This is also my second design to commemorate this special day. In case you didn't know, I made my first design relating to "Leap Day" back in 2008 called "Leap Forward". Also, the picture above is of a snow skier doing a difficult flip off a ski jump. (See below for image credit.)

It's kind of exciting to know that today is a day that doesn't come along that very often. To experience an extra day that we can live and breathe does bring to me a sense of opportunity and excitement. After all, this day only comes once every 4 years. Sure, one can simply overlook a day like today as just another day - no special than any other. That is probably the norm for most people. It's understandable, but also rather wasteful. The point of an extra day should bring about an attitude of gratitude and sense of seizing the moment. And speaking about today, I would say it's rather a sad way to view February 29th if all we view today as "just another day."

Today could be a day to make a giant move forward in life. Let it be a starting point to begin something wonderful and new. All beginnings are difficult at first. Depending where you are in life, getting something new going may seem to be even impossible. But nothing worth doing is going to be easy to do. Today could also be a call for you to take something you already started, and making a huge advancement in that to propel you to massively move you forward to the goal that was already set.

Today is special to me for the very reason that it reminds me to treat each and every day as a unique opportunity to appreciate the time we have every day. I'll admit that it's harder to have this perspective on a day that we expect to see every year - any non-Leap day. So, on a day that comes once every 4 years, this day should serve as a great reminder for us to at least look at today as a day to celebrate the rarity of how valuable "today" really is. Not everyone is guaranteed another day. Not everyone is promised to see the end of today even. I think the older I get, the more I realize that each and every day is precious. And each day should be looked at as precious, and to seize each day and make it special. That's how you enable yourself to make a leap forward in life.

I won't even need to get into any specific examples because I believe each person reading this already has an idea of something that either needs improvement in or something that needs to begin. Well, make today the day that you make a quantum leap in life and start living the life you know you should be living! It may be a long challenging path to take, but the destination that lies at the end will make it all worth it. I intend to make my new "leap" today - I hope you will too.

Time is something we never get to spend twice. Make sure you spend today wisely.
- Original blog entry from 02.29.2016

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