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"Practice is the best of all instructors."
- Publilius Syrus


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Here's a new wallpaper for you to enjoy tonight. I'll admit I'm a little behind schedule with what I had hoped to release so far this year, but things have been pretty busy in my household as of late. Couple that with illnesses and waffling back and forth of what I wanted to post next on this site - yes, I do have one more to celebrate this year's upcoming Leap Year Day - all that adds up to my delay in getting this newest wall out.

So, with that all said, here is my newest wallpaper for the gallery called, "Dedication", making it my second one of the year, and the 161st overall.

You've heard the phrase before, "Practice makes perfect." Well, nobody's perfect. So that's not quite accurate. But, practice does make better. Put enough practice into something, you can improve upon a skill set that can produce excellence. But half-hearted practice will not lead to much improvement. Just as in any designed exercise workout plan that one half-heartedly does in which the muscles are barely worked, time and effort aren't enough. So, you could more accurately say that persistent practice with dedication creates excellence.

I believe it's vital for everyone to find something in life that they enjoy a lot and turn that passion into a skill set. Talent is what God gives us, while skills can be learned and developed. There's so many things in life we can all do, there must be something - at least 1 thing! - that every man or woman can discover to become great at. Even if your goal isn't to be the best or even to attain excellence, your self-esteem will likely grow on your journey along the way which is a reward itself.

Not everyone can be the best, but I believe there is no shortage of potential, nor a ceiling to excellence. Find something you love, then practice, or educate yourself to the point where mastery of the subject can't help but develop. The journey is worth it!
- Original blog entry from 02.19.2016

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