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"The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way."
- Heraclitus


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It's great to be back again - posting another new wallpaper. It's also very exciting to release the first new wallpaper for the year as well. Today I give you a new wall entitled, "Virtues", making it my first wallpaper of the new season, and the 160th overall to the gallery.

The foundation of good character is integrity. I like to think of integrity as the personal collection of one's principles and virtues, that guide one's thinking and doing. When you put all those virtues together, that collection of values is our integrity. And integrity always starts on the inside, before anyone can see it exemplified on the outside.

This picture shows a mountain, with no one even around. The virtues that form our integrity will guide us every day and help us walk a higher path in life - especially when no one else is around. That higher Light above will be the only one that is always watching us. That Light is the Lord and He, really, is the only One that matters any way. He is the One we should aim to please in this life. And by keeping God's virtues in our hearts and minds, we will always stay on the right and virtuous path.

Sure, in today's world, it's pretty hard to be or to do anything completely in the dark where there isn't anyone watching. And what we do in public should be wholesome, uplifting, and virtuous. But the things we do in secret will really show us who we are on the inside.

Keeping those virtues - what is good, honorable, kind, uplifting, and generous to others - will light our path to success in life.
- Original blog entry from 01.30.2016

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