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"Custom is the great guide to human life." - David Hume


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! As mentioned a few weeks ago, my aim for this month was to post 2 new wallpapers. So here's the 2nd one for the month entitled, "Traditions", making it the 159th overall "wall" to the gallery, and most likely my last for this season and year.

Traditions are a great thing to have in life. And each tradition is tied in some way to time. The time or season of the year pulls in some connection to an activity practiced in the past. These things we call traditions, some call it customs, are our ways of holding on to cherished memories of the past, while still looking forward to experiencing them again in the future. They are treasured as we - in a way - perhaps depend upon them to provide a feeling of security, no matter what is going on in life. And that's a great thing to have in life.

And while traditions can be made with friends, family, even one some by yourself, the ones I count most special are the ones made with family. Growing up, Christmas was my favorite time of the year. Ok, maybe it still is even today. Time with family & friends, Christmas songs, hot chocolate, church services with cantatas and Scripture readings of Jesus' birth, Christmas cookies, and - of course - the presents we all give to each other, made this time of the year most special! The Christmas time is filled with traditions.

But whatever your family traditions are this time of year, be thankful for them. And be thankful for the opportunity to share them with someone. The greatest gift that God shared with humanity was His Son, Jesus. I'm most thankful for that. He is the true reason for this season. Remembering His birth and what He came here for is my favorite "tradition" of all.

Merry Christmas!
- Original blog entry from 12.24.2015

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