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"Life is hard, but so very beautiful." - Abraham Lincoln


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Hello again! This month, I'm looking to post at least two - maybe three - new wallpapers. So here's the 1st one for this month - and in a little over a week I hope to release the next one. This wallpaper is called, "Positivity", making it the 158th overall design to the gallery.

This topic did not come to me all of a sudden. There are many things of this life that I personally struggle with time and again, as I'm sure everyone who has lived life long enough could say the same. In fact life's hardships can come at any time. Even our past - whether it be good or bad - always tends to creep up behind us and tries to pull us under the tides of depression.

We are not promised an easy life - no matter where you live or who you are. Sure, on the surface of so many lives, things seem to be just perfect and carefree. Our own social media rarely paints a genuine portrait of who we are because we are usually the painters. But I guarantee you - everyone has something they are going through right now. So, you are not alone.

Whatever you call that "going through", be it a challenge, a tough time, or a trial - our perspective (which forms our attitude) is what is going to help get us through these things. Some call this positive mindset, "Positivity". It's a subject that needs to be taken more seriously, even though it sounds so elementary.

Just browse the "Self-Help" section at a bookstore and you'll surely come across the phrase "PMA", or "Positive Mental Attitude". Creating, developing, and maintaining this sounds simple, but it is definitely not easy. As short and as simple as this quote by Abe Lincoln is, I love how straight to the point this idea hits on.

Life is indeed hard. Not one can truly boast of how easy life is. If someone does - something's probably being hidden. But it doesn't end there. Life is also very beautiful. God has created a beautiful world, and we are privileged with the task to make it better through relationships with other people, hard work, and making our own choices. Our choice to choose to have a positive mental attitude towards anything and everything.

A few years ago, I came to a realization that no one person has a better life than another. What is real? That everyone's lives are different! We all live and own a different existence. That means that we have the choice to make our individual life beautiful and full of joy, or choose negativity and lies about our position and reap ugliness and despair.

Realize that every day you are making some sort of a choice. And remember that you are never alone in this life! There's someone out there for both you to lean on, and someone for you to help carry a burden. That is what makes life truly beautiful.

I pray you choose beauty! Not just today, but for every remaining day of your life.
- Original blog entry from 12.09.2015

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