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"Conditions that line up perfectly are rare. Decisions to move with action applied will align us with our goals and dreams today." - Lincoln Patz


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Hi again! Trying to fit another wallpaper in this month was a challenge for me this week, but here it is... with something more timely and relevant than I've posted in a few years.

Yes, you are not mistaken! That IS a "Blood Moon". From time to time, I like to take a current event or holiday and incorporate it into my work. Since this is very recent, in celebration of the Super Lunar Eclipse that took place on Sunday this past week, I wanted to have a little fun and decided to design this new wallpaper entitled, "Circumstance", making this what I call my tenth wall for this "season" and my 154th overall.

Full disclosure here: this is actually a slight composite of a few images of the actual lunar eclipse that took place, rather than an actual raw image untouched. With that in mind, the heart of why I decided to do this idea comes from both the rarity of seeing a super lunar eclipse, and the fact I actually got to see it with my own eyes.

It was a rare event indeed! If you have no idea what this is a picture of, then I'll pause for a second and explain. This week, the moon passed into the Earth's shadow that produced a total lunar eclipse during a full moon which occured during the moon's "closest approach to Earth in a given orbit," according to NASA. This was also known as the "Harvest Moon" as well. With all these things adding up, the circumstances were right for a great viewing experience for half of the world to witness. Yes, I was one of them.

Now, I'm not going to get into what many believe that this somehow symbolizes something much deeper that what physically happened on Sunday. I'll allow others to debate that elsewhere.

What I do want to do however is point out a few other things. While this event was indeed rare, there are people that seem to wait in life for things to be all lined up before they'll take action and do the things they really should be doing. Whether it's starting that new relationship, start a business, making a purchase, or taking on some other task or job, we just can't wait for circumstances in our lives to be perfect. We don't need to - and frankly - a lot of time would be wasted if we did.

Don't wait for circumstances to be perfect if there's something that needs to be done. Make your own circumstances be perfect just by simply deciding to take some form of positive action and start following through!
- Original blog entry from 09.30.2015

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