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"If you are able to change the way you think, you will be able to change your life." - Lincoln Patz


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A month ago this site saw 150 wallpapers. It was a milestone. This month won't have as much cachet, but it does boast a new wallpaper! This one is called, "Flexibility", making it my seventh wall for this year, and my 151st overall.

Yes, a topic on flexibility. It may seem like an obscure topic for success, but it's not really.

Many successful people in this world arrived at their successes by thinking creatively and by thinking outside the box. This is a cliche I know, but it's still doesn't negate the reality. If you keep doing the same things over and over, by using the same approach time and time again, you will keep getting the same results. Now if the results you are reaping lead to success, then fine - keep going! But if not, you need to change the process. Usually this process starts in the mind.

Many times in my life, I have been too stubborn about things. And it usually got my nowhere. I honestly admit that usually it was out of frustration or laziness. The consequences of not being flexible in either my approach or way of thinking about things had limited me in the past. Or course I still fail at times to change my approach, but when I'm open to changing my way of thinking, I find that a solution follows.

That's why it is good to get into the habit of being flexible. No, I"m not talking about stretching or yoga - I'm talking about allowing your mind to see more than one way of doing something or open it to new opportunities that you wouldn't normally take. This does take a bit of effort at first, but it will pay off.

A quote by Tom Robbins put it best, "Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." Another old saying goes, "Write your goals in concrete and your plans in sand." Don't stay on the same path if that path leads you to a dead end.

Also, don't always look for the most complicated way either. Usually the simplest way is the best way. Some may view "the simplest" as shortcuts. Shortcuts are even fine if they don't violate the rights of others nor violate the Laws of God. But shortcuts done the wrong way can turn out to be the wrong method as well.

I find the phrase, "right frame of mind" includes some form of flexibility and openness to changing the way one views something. If you are able to change your mind towards something, you will be able to change your results, leading to favorable results for you and anyone else involved.

To put it another way - once you unlock your mind, you unlock your life! Stay flexible.
- Original blog entry from 07.31.2014

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