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"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."
- Abraham Lincoln


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Today I am so happy to finally say that we have hit the big One-Five-O! Yes, 150 wallpapers ago, I started this site! In fact, tomorrow, July 1st, will make it exactly 7 years since I first posted my 1st official wallpaper to And to be factual here, this site did officially open on June 30th, 2007, so today is also my 7-year anniversary for this site overall.

I will probably speak more on this event tomorrow, but today, I'd just like to highlight this new wallpaper I'm posting. It's entitled, "Tenacity", making it my sixth for this year, and my 150th overall to the site!

In todays world, you got to be tough! (Yes, suddenly that Des'ree song just jumped in my mind.) Whether in business, sports, etc. - the one who can withstand all circumstances and maintain a mental toughness, and possess the attitude that he/she can be the better for it, will survive.

Tenacity is all about our mind set - not a physical activity. That is just an extension of what's inside. But being tenacious requires a devotion and desire to such an extend that even our own fears won't have a chance to stop us.

As I mentioned earlier, I started this site seven years ago. There have been a few times I've wanted to quit this site and let it fade away. Not because I didn't enjoy the work or process, because I did; but more so due to my life around me started to change. However, looking back, I'm glad I stuck to it and forced myself to keep it going. I've seen how this site has grown and I have fond memories making each new wallpaper. In fact, it forced me to grow a little bit as well. And I sincerely hope that this site has helped you in some way as well.

Why did I just admit to wanting to quit this whole project? Because the tenacity I had within forced me to continue, and not give up. I've had many reasons to stop this whole site. But I've managed to find ways to continue on so far. I just could not allow myself to give up before the goal I had set was over. I had envisioned to do at least 150 wallpapers for this site. Now, I can see the rewards for not giving up on it.

Will I keep it going? Well, you'll just have to wait and see... smile
- Original blog entry from 06.30.2014

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