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Golden Rule


"He who stands for nothing will fall for anything."
- Alexander Hamilton


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Welcome back again everyone! I have another new "wall" for you today. This one is called, "Conviction", making it my 148th wallpaper to the site.

Today, I'd like to discuss a little bit of where we are headed in our society. The path it's on right now is not a positive one - if we're focusing on it's values. I'm talking about the downward direction our society is on. We each need to be responsible. And we each need to be alert of what is happening.

The man "who stands for nothing will fall for anything" isn't just the idea for describing one who is gullible. While this can be true as well, it rather speaks more to the notion of those who have no conviction about what is right, or good, or just.

It also speaks to the notion that a man needs something to believe in so greatly, that it pushes him to stand up and not allow the lies and deceit, to sway his decision. It's his moral compass.

Most men and women these days do not give much thought to what they believe in and this makes them too susceptible to anyone who may try to impress them about what is right and wrong. They get suckered into things that they wouldn't have otherwise done by themselves. In other words, they are too easily influenced by others.

Many times, people sit on the sidelines of life and allow things that should be held in check, go undeterred. Our society (the many) - being influenced by the few (the media) - has deteriorated so much over the past few decades and we've allowed ourselves to become complacent with the degradation of our country's morals.

We need to stand for something more. We need to stand up for what's right. The freedoms of our own nation are being stripped away by politicians who only cater to those who lobby for things that make our country less great. We need leaders in this world who have strong morals and character, with strong convictions to do what's right in God's eyes, not only their own.

What stands out to me about this quote was that it came from a politician! Oh, how I long for some strong leadership by good and honest men who possess such strong conviction! There was a time when our country had this.

We need to take a stand for what is true, good, and even holy. We need to stop believing the lies of this world and start looking deeper to analyze what we're hearing and seeing around us. Don't fall for anything! Stand for something you know to be true and worthy of preserving. That is conviction!
- Original blog entry from 04.24.2014

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Original image by Flickr user Logan Ingalls.
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