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"Patience is bitter, but the fruit of it is sweet."
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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Today's topic is a subject that comes straight from the heart of what many people are probably struggling with, at least many of us who live in the more Northern parts of the globe, as this year's Winter weather continues to challenge the body, and even more so, the mind. This month's new wallpaper is called, "Patience", making it my 146th wallpaper overall to the gallery.

I've tried really hard to stay positive while living out this long Winter here in Wisconsin, despite all the cold and the snow. Patience is definitely a virtue, but like a fire in the rain (and snow), I am running low on mental energy due to the weather. Despite this, I know that warmer days are ahead. I have hope that it won't be long, but -20 degree mornings are hard to ignore, let alone embrace.

There are other more important things too in my life of course that merit even more patience. That is why I've decided on this topic for today as it seems so fresh on my mind.

As Rousseau said, "Patience is bitter, but the fruit of it is sweet." It really is true. Patience is something that requires a special viewpoint for it to work. It is unpleasant but helps soothe frustration, though is is not easy. The hardest part of having patience is when we don't know what lies beyond the corner.

The weather isn't the only focus we all share. Patience in knowing if there is a job to be had, or to be advanced; relationships to repair or grow, or to start new ones; or even new business to start and grow - these all take time to evolve and solidify, and that requires patience.

Patience is also a sort of glue that can hold us together when at times we feel like coming apart. Stresses and setbacks try to rob us of our joy, but we need to "stay calm and carry on". With "active" patience, we can.

The viewpoint we need to have is seeing the outcome so clearly that it forms a strong belief within us on what is going to happen. Those beliefs will allow us to stay calm despite the storms. If careful and correct calculations are made, the vision we had will play out as we hoped; and in the end, the fruit of our patience will be rewarded.
- Original blog entry from 02.28.2014

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