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Golden Rule


"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers

Get Going

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Hello everyone! It feels great to bring to you my first new wallpaper for the year, which I call, "Get Going", making it my 145th wallpaper overall to this site.

Starting off a new year is always exciting for me. The possibilities that lay ahead are limitless - at least for those of us who have good imaginations. smile But the realist in me also knows that nothing is going to change, however, unless I take action toward that change.

Some of you may already be a little behind in your New Year's goals this year. It's a common thing, so don't beat yourself up too badly. For most, it's not because they've stopped doing something, but rather, it's because they haven't even begun! Maybe I'm describing you. It's not important what you haven't done, but to first understand "why" you haven't done it, and then figure out a way to take those first few steps.

The main reasons why most people fail to get going on things they know they should do, or even things they want to do, is that they are waiting for the conditions to become perfect. Most of the time, maybe 99.99999% of the time, this never happens. Those that do get things done make the conditions good enough for them to start.

Another major roadblock to taking action is the well known 4-letter word, FEAR. Fear is something that we erroneously feel that we must eliminate in order to get going. This may seem true, but most successful people in life will admit that in order to eliminate their fears, they just DID IT. Taking the first steps will enable one to see that all the things he/she was worrying about happening don't materialize. Once that realization starts to solidify in one's psyche, the fears start to disappear.

In short, you conquer fear through action. Then you build some momentum. Before long, that momentum becomes greater than the forces trying to stop you. It's like driving a car through a wall. Your old fears can't stop you because you've already moved past them.

Get going today, start taking action, and create your own Happy New Year!
- Original blog entry from 01.30.2014

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