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"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."
- Sir Edmund Hillary


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Hello for the last time in 2013, everyone! Tonight I post my 12th and final new wallpaper for the year entitled, "Prevail", making it my 144th overall to the gallery.

Before this year completes itself again, I wanted to offer this last pleasant thought. For many of you, this year may have been a good year. For others, it may have been very difficult and "challenging" to put it as best as possible. I would place myself in the latter category. But either way, we all need to stay strong and prevail when things don't go right.

We all have tough times. We all suffer crushing defeats. Some challenges that jump right in front of us many times they seem insurmountable. But when we stay strong and carry on, we not only conquer the mountain, we conquer the weakest parts inside that hold us back. Through our conquering we are made stronger and wiser. The last part of that statement is more important. I'd like to think that maybe a wiser mind is a stronger mind.

I am looking forward ahead to better days and cherish the possibility that only the best is yet to come. Have a Happy New Year!
- Original blog entry from 12.30.2013

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