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Golden Rule


"Don't focus on how to move the mountain, but rather on how to climb over it." - Lincoln Patz


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Hello again everyone! I just posted a new wallpaper today entitled, "Mentality", making it my 143rd overall design to my gallery.

I'm sure you've heard the expression "mind over matter" before. It's the idea that if one uses their willpower in such a determined way, they can overcome a physical obstacle.

I felt that this is best put into a visual form through the idea of overcoming a mountain. Now, the quote I have here isn't just about using your mind to think positively, but rather using it to figure out how to get beyond what may stand in the way. You can either look at it, and it may indeed seem immovable. But there rarely is a case where there is only 1 way something can be done. Usually there is more than 1 way to arrive at a destination. (*Note that I said usually.) It all depends on the creativity of the person.

Through the use of one's mind, I believe that one can indeed get over any challenge that comes your way, you just need to perform more mental exercise to get there.
- Original blog entry from 11.30.2013

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