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Work Ethic


"When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck." - James Whitcomb Riley


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Before this busy month ends, I wanted to post another new wallpaper today entitled, "Logic", making it my ninth new wallpaper for this year and my 141st overall to the site.

First off, no I did not create this new "wall" simply because I'm also one of those looking to cash in on the recent craze over Duck Dynasty! I will admit though that my family loves that show. And with the thought of this old saying fresh on my mind, I decided, "Why not do one with a duck?"

This theme also correlates nicely with the last wallpaper I made called, "Discern". With discernment, you have to read between the lines and create your own conclusions, using wisdom. With logic, you simply only need to read the lines, with a bit of common sense. Also with logic, the clear cut answer is usually there for the taking.

Logic involves reasoning and applying knowledge in the right way, there is no wiggle room left for interpretation. Only exact factual answers need apply! Logic verifies things, while discernment infers with insight. Both have their place. If facts are provided, use logic. So when a bird comes along that points to nothing else but that it's a duck, then it's a duck.

Most people these days I feel are failing to use a little bit of logical thinking to solve their problems, or complete tasks that - with logic - provides the obvious answers. We tend to over analyze things that simply don't need that much mulling over. There of course are times when adequate evaluation needs more time; but logic, when needed and can be enough, can get you there faster.
- Original blog entry from 09.30.2013

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