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"Making the right choice requires collecting and understanding enough accurate data that points the way to the real destination." - Lincoln Patz


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Hello everyone! I'd like to wish you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend that is just around the corner. I've posted another wallpaper today entitled, "Discern", making it my eighth new wallpaper for this year and my 140th overall to my gallery here.

I believe one of the greatest skills to possess in life is the ability to observe a situation, and accurately evaluate what is exactly happening. Then taking that assessment, and applying wisdom with it as to what your role is in that particular situation, or, how you should apply it in your own life. This is known as discernment.

It is the ability to grasp, understand, and assess a situation with clarity and accuracy. It helps us to separate between what is real and what is fake. Discernment allows one to evaluate clearly to make the best decisions in life.

I'm going on a trip this coming Labor Day weekend, which - I think - might have had some influence on my making this wallpaper. My wife and I have been toiling on what to do, and where to go for this weekend. Using a set of situations, data, preferences, and facts, we came up with a plan on where to go.

Discernment will usually be used more so and come into play when you don't have all the facts, but you will need to read between the lines, or even draw out and deduce on what could happen that hasn't even played itself out. Sometimes the signs are more clear than at other times.

Making all the right moves on any journey is not crucial to arriving at your final destination; it will, however, get you there much faster. Good judgement and assessing correctly will spare you time and aggravation.

As we grow in life, our ability to discern usually grows stronger, giving us insight that paves the way on where to go next.
- Original blog entry from 08.30.2013

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