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"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
- Benjamin Franklin

Plot Out

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Hello again! I've posted another wallpaper today entitled, "Plot Out", making it my seventh new "wall" for this year and my 139th overall to the site.

As the famous Yogi Berra once quipped, "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else." His quotes were usually a good source for a chuckle. But yet, this quote does hold some truth to it.

Have you ever been out on the water, a lake, or an ocean? Being on the water, with no navigation instruments can be very intimidating. You must have a map or instrument of some sort to get back. You don't necessary need it as you go out if you have no specific destination. But getting back - that's another story. The return trip back then becomes the destination. So travel aides are still required. However, going to some place specific on the water is difficult, if not impossible, without plot points, visual cues, or markers of some sort.

Life is like this too. If you're not careful of where you are going, and without carefully diagnosing where you are and where you're headed down the line, you will end up lost in life. So many people unfortunately are.

Having a specific plan for your life is critical to getting where you ultimately dream of going. Day by day we need to re-calculate where we are. When you know that your destination is not where you're headed, you don't adjust your end point, you must adjust your direction. A fraction of a degree in the wrong direction on a long trip will get you lost. The wise constantly check their heading in life.

But you must determine where you want to go first. Then plot out where you are now. In between, you must figure out how to get there. Normally, it's the between steps that people cannot figure out or calculate perfectly, That's ok. It's normal. The key is to continually adjust yourself and get back on course as you move along the way.

Now I understand that the person or company who may be traveling on the water in this photo didn't physically put those markers out there in the water to plot out their course. The markers in this image are most likely there to mark out boundary lines. But I love the symbolism that this represents in a broader sense of what must be done in order to get where one wants to go. By mapping out key points that need to be crossed along the journey, it enables one to reach their ultimate destination. Figure out what you want (where to go), and map out how to get there. Be definitive, otherwise, you'll end up "someplace else".
- Original blog entry from 07.31.2013

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