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"There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the way out is through." - David Allen


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Hello everyone. I've been really busy these past few weeks but hope to release more wallpapers starting next month. I was, however, able to finish this new wallpaper entitled, "Productivity", making it my third new "wall" for the year and my 135th overall to the site.

Seems that life can be overwhelming at times. Currently, in both my personal life and professional life, I feel that I have too many things to do: stuff I should do, stuff I want to do, and stuff I must do. Prioritizing helps, but that doesn't solve everything. In fact, simply prioritizing still hasn't actually eliminated anything off my plate. If anything, it just pushed those of lesser importance out to finish at a later time. So it hasn't really solved anything - yet. It can help me feel more in control however.

I honestly admit, I'm the type of individual that when too many things come together at once, I get overwhelmed and really struggle with my productivity. I guess it's because I love getting things done right away, and it's so hard to know that other things are waiting on me to still get done.

This quote by Allen really has been a great reminder and even a tiny source of hope for me lately though. Sometimes, life can get too overwhelming - too much to do with not enough time or sometimes energy even. To handle it though, I can create a little bit of momentum by getting that first task done.

Progress is a product of being productive. And by being productive - even if it's a little bit each day - along the way, I know that I will get all I need to get done. Sometimes you just have to begin with one random task that must be done and just start. We can waste too much time, though, thinking about what needs to be done first, and the order of importance. Sometimes this is necessary, but most of the time, it's not. The most important step really is to just get started.

One thing I would make sure to do though is to figure out if my rate of progress is enough so that everything does get done by the required deadlines. If not, then I must get help if I know I cannot do it alone. Simply sharing our burdens with others, in a healthy way, may be what we need to cope with the negative effects of stress.

There is hope at the end of this "tunnel" I am in now, but I will have to put in the work required to get through it. And this includes getting help from others to carry the burden. We all need to produce to be productive and effective, in order to enjoy the end results we are seeking.
- Original blog entry from 03.09.2013

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