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"Using all of your resources wisely is key for growth which opens up success. Unfortunately, most don't realize this, and the door of opportunity stays closed."
- Lincoln Patz


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Happy New Year everyone! While I certainly know that it's been a few weeks since we ushered in 2013, this is still my first new wallpaper posting for the year. So, to start things off right for this fresh new year, I've just posted my latest "wall" entitled, "Utilize," which is also my 133rd overall design to the site.

Utilization is an important skill to add to your life. I strongly feel that people allow many great opportunities to pass them by in life simply because of waste - wasting time, wasting money, wasting resources that - if used properly - can open up new doors and enrich one's life more fully. Little amounts of waste can be difficult to spot, as they are sometimes disguised as stored or saved resources at rest. But in the course of a lifetime, the sad reality is that those little amounts do add up to massive amounts of opportunities squandered.

Taking inventory of what we have and what we're doing with what we have is a good first step. Then we need to analyze if what we are spending our time and resources on is actually paying us back a dividend. (Just like with our finances, only the currency here is a much broader scope of resources.) If after analyzing things we determine that the payback is minimal, it may be time to look at alternatives. Having a little creativity here helps to see what other options are out there.

Here's a great example. If the goal of using 1 hour of time every day, for 5 times a week, to lose weight through exercise, you need to chart out where you are, what you're going to do, where you want to go, and the rate at which you are going to lose that weight. If the weight loss rate is "not working" for you or inline with the goal you set, then alternative methods of exercise, or additional strategies must be added to fix this equation (i.e. adding a certain type of diet to the weight loss plan). Note that I didn't necessarily add more exercise time to this, because it may not be the effort or amount of time that's the problem - it's the method of exercise. Adding more exercise would actually be more waste in this case.

The goal is to be more productive, not spend even more resources (measured in time and energy here). In this case, seeking help from a personal trainer may be money that is used up in the short-term, but will actually be more effective and save you more in the long-term since you could identify a solution quicker. And that is utilizing your resources wisely!

Ultimately, we want to utilize our resources to the fullest. This old adage sums it up perfectly: "What you don't use - you loose!" Make sure you're on the winning end of utilization to take advantage of every opportunity!
- Original blog entry from 01.18.2013

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