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"Life's joys are multiplied when shared among friends. The distances we can all reach are farther and higher than when going it alone." - Lincoln Patz


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Today I'm happy to release another new wallpaper to you. It's entitled, "Togetherness", which is my fourteenth wallpaper for 2012, and my 130th overall to my gallery here.

This image to me symbolizes a precious truth - that we all can fly higher in life and go further in our success than when we go it alone. My belief in this statement is so strong that I decided to use (a variation of) it for the quote on this design. "No man is an island," wrote John Donne. We are not meant to be alone.

The geese shown in the image are natural examples that when the work is spread out among many, the unit as a whole is stronger (to get through tough weather), each individual is taxed less (physically) and therefore stronger, and everyone shares the benefits (getting to their ultimate destination).

We too can be like the geese here. If we all share in each other's burdens (when times are tough), we can get through difficult times. But it takes each person to be willing to come together first. But as more and more come forward to help out - even just a little - that can quickly build up and make it easier and easier for everyone.

I love this principle. We could even call it a "law" of success. The synergy that comes from togetherness is amazing. Joys are multiplied when happy and precious moments are shared with one another.

I also love that the effects of challenging circumstances are lessened with friendly and loving support, while good times are multiplied with friends and family. I hope the upcoming Christmas season will find you with friends and family that will ease some burdens and multiply your joys!
- Original blog entry from 11.29.2012

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