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"Real valor consists not in being insensible to danger; but in being prompt to confront and disarm it."
- Sir Walter Scott


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Hello again everyone! With the anticipated upcoming "gun" deer season that will be opening up here in NE Wisconsin this weekend, I've decided to create a new wallpaper that would be based off of the deer themes so prevalent all around me.

So, this week, I give you "Confrontation", which is my thirteenth for 2012, and my 129th wallpaper overall to this site.

While it's been years since I've hunted myself, I still get excited too when this time of the year rolls around. I guess I've got "buck fever", mixed with a sense of nostalgia! Couple this with a topic that's been on my mind for these past few weeks, and this wallpaper is the result.

Confrontation is not a topic many people like to think about, much less perform. It's usually an uncomfortable situation when confrontation is required. Yet, it can do so much good when done right.

Some people's personalities are built for this, while many others are not. But if you want to be a leader, confrontation will eventually be needed from time to time, as nothing in this world is ever going to be perfect.

John Maxwell, one of my favorite authors, once said that when confronting people, two things are usually needed to make it work - honesty and sincerity.

Confrontation just does not work if it's not realistic or dishonest. People would be led down the wrong path or headed in the wrong direction without it. So it's essential to be honest.

And then be sincere with your audience. People may not like hearing the words that is being "aimed" at them, but if they see the reasoning behind it (like your sincere desire to fix the issue and even help them), they will ultimately come to appreciate your necessary action.

Don't be afraid of that which must be ultimately done. In the end, everyone will win!
- Original blog entry from 11.16.2012

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