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"Things which matter most must never be at
the mercy of things which matter least."
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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After holding on to this idea for quite a while, I've decided to release this design tonight. It's entitled, "Responsibility", making it my eleventh new wallpaper for the year, and my 127th overall to the wallpaper gallery.

Responsibility is a word that - depending on where you may be in life - could conjure up emotions of stress and anxiety, or those of authority and power. It could even make one feel all of these thoughts collectively at once.

All my life, I've heard the phrase, "With privilege, comes responsibility." (The word "privilege" is substituted frequently with the word "power" as well.) So, these words seem tied together for me usually.

The main thought here, though, is that when someone has possession of something (i.e. job, relationship, authority, or material possessions), there is usually some form of accountability that is tied to it. The greatest example of this, would have to be parenting.

Now I am not a parent yet, so I cannot begin to realize fully how awesome, and - at the same time - how frightening being a parent can be. That is why I am not going to delve deep into this topic today - because that is not what this topic is solely about.

The focus here is understanding that we need to make sure that the most important matters of our lives are attended to and taken care of first, before we spend time on the non-essentials. This is especially true when something or someone depends on us when there is no one else around or is able to help.

Make sure you take care of the most important things first, then spend time on the rest.
- Original blog entry from 10.19.2012

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