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Fresh Start


"Yesterday forgets us. Tomorrow is an illusion. Today, however, is a precious gift that we can truly enjoy as it welcomes us all to savor life now." - Lincoln Patz


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I'm pleased to announce that I've just posted another new wallpaper tonight. This one is called, "Today", and it is my ninth new wallpaper for the year, as well as the 125th overall design for my gallery.

You've likely heard the phrase, "Well, that's [30 seconds] of my life I'll never have back." (Fill in whatever time frame you want here.) It's meant to be funny, witty, and sarcastic; but this phrase subtly has some real truth behind it when you think about it. Time is something that we can never have back.

I know for me, it's frustrating when - at the end of a day - I look back and ask myself, "What have I accomplished today?" and my answer to that question is sub-par in relation to my own expectations. If I haven't "accomplished" anything, I dig a little deeper and ask, "What did I even do today?" If an honest answer is lacking in substance, then I know I wasted a precious gift known as "Today".

Now I understand that there will come days when we may be sick, or need some recovery rest from a prior event in which we did do something very taxing on ourselves. There's also days where life really pulls us down, so we require a significant investment of time in prayer and meditation. Those are valid reasons for "rest" and recovery. In fact, it's necessary - and wise.

I even think it may be more important every day to at least review where we are in life, take some time to consider our mind set in relation to our position in all areas of life. Here is where self-examination is important. There are so many people out there that fall into bad thought habits which lead to wasted time and wasted opportunities. They look at what has happened lately, and believe that the same results will continue today. Or worse, they wait for the "perfect" timing or situation to come along without their own involvement. The perfect timing to do something is today!

This could be the day you meet that special someone, find that certain job, begin a new exercise program, or find a solution to a problem that has been challenging you! Today is the only day you can do something about your life. If you have the attitude that tomorrow will be the day that you will take action on something that requires your time and attention today, maybe because you are too tired or not motivated, it will become harder and harder and you may never do it. Tomorrow is a future tense. It really never arrives. It is an illusion because it keeps jumping away from us. Today is the best day to take action because it is also the ONLY day we can take action. We are never guaranteed another day.

Today is also the day to enjoy life as well. When we fully understand how fleeting this life is, we will begin to savor life and appreciate each day we have. We will also appreciate each other more as well. This kind of awareness colors our thinking in such a way that every day is indeed so valuable, we won't want to waste a single day sitting around. And this attitude leads to a more fulfilled life.

What we did yesterday is important. But yesterday is gone now. The only day we have right now is today. What are you going to do with it?
- Original blog entry from 09.15.2012

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