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"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. It is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins." - Bob Moawad


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I've just posted a new motivational wallpaper entitled, "Embark", making it my eighth new wallpaper for this year, and my 124th overall for the site.

"Embark" is a verb that means to start or begin. This piece is not only meant to give a call to action, but also to maintain that call to action. Start something, then, keep going as well. This is where the image here fits in. Notice that this wallpaper is not showing a starting point nor a "finish line", but rather a point of view from someone who may be in the middle of their journey.

Sometimes, starting out can be the hardest thing for anyone to do. That first step is hampered from things like fear, fatigue, doubt, laziness, depression, procrastination, lack of motivation, etc.

For others, starting out seems real easy, until an obstacle appears in the way. These people lack the necessary focus and determination needed to stay the course.

Then I wonder, "What's the point of starting something worthwhile if you're not going to finish or continue on until that goal is accomplished?" Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't start something if you think that you're not going to finish it. There is some value in testing something out to see if something works or doesn't work for you. But too many "test" the waters to see if it feels comfortable, while still expecting to see results.

Results typically come after consistent effort is put in. "Effort" usually does not feel comfortable and "consistent" implies that sufficient time is also put in. This is where most plans fail to continue.

The 2 main ideas here is that we need to start out, then keep going on that journey. You alone are responsible for your own life. You alone are also the only one to keep it going.

Embark on the journey, endure the hardships along the way, stay focused, learn some lessons, keep that momentum, and never give up! Then you'll reap the rewards!
- Original blog entry from 08.29.2012

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