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"A true hero is one who sees a need, answers the call, and fights for justice so the dawn can appear for others." - Lincoln Patz


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Happy Veteran's Day everyone! Today in the United States, we celebrate this day in honor of those who served in the Armed Forces. I would especially like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the Veteran's out there today and say "Thank you" for your service to this country.

In honor of Veteran's Day, I decided to create this new wallpaper entitled, "Heroes", making it my fifteenth for the year and 115th overall for the gallery.

The original version of this wallpaper didn't even contain the silhouette of the soldiers. It actually hadn't even crossed my mind until today when I came across an image on Flickr by the US Army. I thought, "Hmmm, before I post this, let me see how this wallpaper might look like with this included somehow." I usually don't alter my work after I have already decided on my concept. But this addition didn't deviate from the concept. It actually helped pull everything together even more. It helped to reinforce the idea that there are those who need help and there are those who do answer the call and become heroes by doing so.

My grandfather was a veteran, so I know this day also meant something extra special to him. Thank you again to all those out there defending our freedoms at home and abroad. You are definitely worthy of the title, "Hero".
- Original blog entry from 11.11.2011

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Original soldiers image by "The U.S. Army" account on Flickr.
(Photo taken by Spc. Leah R. Burton.)
Used under "Attribution 2.0 Generic" under Creative Commons license.


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