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"Sometimes the lessons of life are only found within the twists and turns to enable us to see a wider range along its path." - Lincoln Patz


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Hello everyone! Today I've finished up my newest wallpaper called "Lessons", making this one my fourteenth for 2011 and my 114th overall.

You live - you learn. I must've heard that phrase 1,000 times. It's mostly true. You learn if you choose to open your mind and see what life is trying to teach you in that moment.

Life teaches us - and we grow - from experience. Those experiences can be our own, or they can be someone else's. Life allows us to gain wisdom from both sets. It's kind of like being in a car traveling along life's road. You can be the driver and experience life directly. Or, you could be the passenger, and learn from the life of the driver as well. You become a passenger when you decide to learn from the driver's experience as an observer. But you can both learn the lesson from that event. Life's great that way!

The thing to remember is that life's road rarely comes in the form of a clear straight line. The benefit of this is that we can gain a much broader, even clearer, perspective on life when we must go through some detours that we had not planned on going through.

Sometimes the experience is painful; sometimes it's easy. Sometimes the lesson is crystal clear; other times it's not.

I believe that whatever curve in the road we go through, there is some lesson to be learned. And with that, something that helps us to handle the next twist up the road. We can choose to close our eyes and keep moving forward, without gaining any additional benefit. Or, we can open up our mind and see what we are supposed to have learned.
- Original blog entry from 10.29.2011

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