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"To find serenity, one must allow the negative to wash away from the positive. Discard what destroys and keep that which restores." - Lincoln Patz


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Today I've finished up another new wallpaper and have posted it to my gallery entitled "Serenity". This wallpaper is my thirteenth for 2011 and my 113th overall.

This image is largely a reworked image that I rendered over 10 years ago for another wallpaper site. Last year, I determined that if I could rework that old render and make it look more realistic, while maintaining the original surreal style to it, I would use that image to make it into one of my "Success Wallpapers".

Due to the amount of changes I kept making, this image took longer than I wanted. But I was careful not to rush to a final version until I was completely satisfied with it. Just this week I felt that the look I was trying to achieve finally came together. The topic that kept coming back to me when viewing this image was "serenity".

There are times when we need to evaluate everything in our lives - the physical, mental, and spiritual areas where we feel stressed - and just take a deep breath. Then exhale and allow anything negative to wash away. The one who can do this will find true serenity.

The negative things will appear smaller and not so devastating. They still may remain in the picture, but for now, just save it all for later. What is important to note is that we all need to clean out the garbage that clutters up the mind and soul on a daily basis.

Life can become so overwhelming at times that it seems to make all the good in our lives appear hidden. I look forward to the day when I can find that true permanent serenity myself. Until that day, I need to be alert and mindful when I need to find that serenity and do a "cleanse". This image serves as my reminder of that. I hope it can do the same for you.
- Original blog entry from 10.15.2011

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