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"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience." - Oliver Wendell Holmes


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Today I've added another new wallpaper to the gallery entitled "Insight", which is my eleventh new wallpaper for the year.

More than any time in my life right now, I am coming to realize how important it is to try and gain the proper perspective and see the big overall picture. I believe that proper perspective can only be achieved through having good insight on a given situation or subject.

Insight itself is simply having an accurate understanding of the event or object that is being focused on. It is not a superficial or low-level type of understanding, but rather a deeper level knowledge of the "What" and the "Why". When people make snap judgements about things without proper insight, bad decisions usually follow.

Usually we can decipher the "What" of most situations, but it's much more difficult - sometimes even impossible - to know or understand the "Why". I won't get into any details of my own life here, but knowing that there is a reason for everything (an answer to the "Why's" of life) does provide some level of satisfaction for me, in that whatever hardships or blessings one may be going through, it does serve a purpose.

Having the courage - like a wise old lion - to sit down and honestly confront these questions honestly is the first step to gaining the insight we venture to obtain. It does aid us along life's road to deal with the rough patches along the journey.
- Original blog entry from 09.20.2011

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Original photo by "Tambako the Jaguar".
Used with permission.


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