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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
- Thomas Paine


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Happy Fourth of July everyone! I am very excited about today, as America turns 235 years old. Celebrations commemorating this great nation's birthday have been ongoing these past few days around America, through parades and fireworks displays that will be wrapping up tonight.

So to celebrate in my own way this year, I've made another new holiday-themed success wallpaper entitled, "Freedom", making it my eighth of the year and 108th overall for this gallery.

Freedom is a wonderful thing. I'm sure you've heard the classic phrase, "Freedom does not come free". This "wall" is my way of expressing how much blood had to be shed to provide us the many freedoms we now have in this country. The fatigue of gaining these freedoms first started through war.

Over 235 years ago, 56 brave men led in the decision that this nation should become a free one. They also realized that in order to gain independence, we would have to sacrifice a lot in the process. They knew that opposition would come calling to stop them. Yet they knew that the price in order for this nation to obtain it's independence was worth paying. America did win its freedom, but not every person in the United States had their own freedom.

Then, in 1861, America was torn into 2 camps, whether slavery should be abolished in America or not. Abraham Lincoln was a proponent to end slavery even before he took office, but it took an ugly civil war for this to be realized. Lincoln also knew how vital it was that America remain a unified nation. Although the North won in the end, and the Union was sustained, Lincoln paid the ultimate price himself at the conclusion of the bitter conflict. But, America did become a free nation to all!

I am very grateful for these many freedoms. I am also grateful for the many men and women - both past and present day - who put their lives in harm's way to preserve these freedoms. Sadly, I take these freedoms for granted too often. I guess that's one reason why I enjoy this holiday so much. It puts the focus back on how fortunate we are as Americans to live in a free land. Observance helps to overcome the sad state of forgetfulness that can easily descend on us. I thank God for all the blessings He's bestowed upon America.

I challenge you today to the use these freedoms you have to help someone in need. It makes having such freedoms even more valuable.
- Original blog entry from 07.04.2011

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