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"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul." - Plato


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Today I've released my latest new motivational wallpaper to the gallery today called "Zeal". This is my seventh wallpaper for 2011 and 107th overall.

I've heard it said that zeal involves a keen interest in something. This image portrays a guitar and suggests that the owner holds a zeal for music. They are passionate about it, and it resonates with them at a very deep level.

Yet this image embodies more than just a musical instrument. If you look closely at the guitar face, it has all sorts of stickers and labels displayed on it. The owner of this guitar had "stamped" their own identity upon this item with both their experiences and love for music, in a more visual and public way.

I feel this image also highlights the idea that music is made alive when this guitar is played. The rhythms that resonate from it do reach down touch the soul of both the musician and the fortunate listeners who get to hear this instrument's message. They reach the "secret places of the soul."

Thankfully, you don't have to be a gifted musician to enjoy music, though. I am in no way a musician. I am not creatively gifted in that way. It's ok though, as I can still enjoy music and song in my own unique way through listening.

But when you have a unique interest or zeal in anything, which when nurtured properly, it can develop into a skill. The fact that you have a zeal for something unique should help direct you toward a specific path. But if you also have a natural talent for something as well, I believe you should pursue it in a way that is uniquely your own, and you will have the potential to create great things.
- Original blog entry from 06.18.2011

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