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"Life is full of surprise. When revealed, the unexpected can be the greatest gift which life can provide."
- Lincoln Patz


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In celebration of this year's Easter holiday, I've added a fun new success wallpaper to the gallery called "Surprises". This particular wallpaper is my fifth new wallpaper for this year and 105th overall to my gallery.

Surprises can be a great thing when they happen. These surprises are sometimes revealed, and other times we have to seek them out. They may not seem to fit the mold of a "surprise" if we're seeking it, nevertheless, when we do find "it", it can be a source of joyous surprise - if we keep a positive attitude.

While I don't want to make Easter as being all about finding eggs or candy (because it isn't), I felt that the activity of the traditional Easter egg hunt symbolizes the fact that what we search for in life can be both fun and rewarding, if we choose to make it as such.

Case in point, I remember when I was a little boy, part of the Easter experience in our family was for my parents to hide candy all over the house for me and my younger sister to find. Along with the little piles of jelly beans, we each had a special basket of goods specially created just for each of us.

One particular year, in making the search a little sporting for me, my parents had hid my basket in a harder place to find, whereas my sister's was more "out" in the open, making it a lot easier for my little sis to find hers. (I think I passed by it like 3 times while trying to find mine.)

After about 10 minutes, I realized this, and I started to get frustrated. This wasn't fair and I didn't like it! My patience was spent, and I felt like quitting the game. However, with a little encouragement from my Mom, (and maybe a few hints from my Dad), I eventually found it. (Bless them both!)

So, looking back, I know that if I had kept looking with a more positive and patient attitude, and tried to enjoy the process, finding the prize would've been more rewarding, and a more enjoyable surprise.

Life is a lot like this, not just Easter candy
- Original blog entry from 04.23.2011

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