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"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience." - Emily Dickinson


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Tonight I've added a new wallpaper to the gallery called "Euphoria", which is my fourth new wallpaper for 2011 and 104th overall.

Have you ever had a life experience where extreme joy or serenity flooded over you so intensely that it felt euphoric? It's an awesome feeling, like witnessing the real Northern Lights! It's actually been 12 years since I last saw them myself, but I'm always looking ahead to the time when I'll see them again. Having those experiences makes me really appreciate those times.

There are many great things in life that can provide us the opportunities for euphoric moments. Unfortunately many people turn to the wrong things to reach experiences like this due to a lot of misinformation, laziness, wrong focus, or even peer pressure.

I won't digress as I know most of you already know the kinds of things I'm alluding to. But being able to achieve these wonderful highs in the right manner begin with managing your mind properly. I believe we can have these experiences more frequent than we think.

Being mentally available to experience these moments starts with having an open mind and a positive attitude. To borrow some points from my last blog entry on seizing the day, sometimes simply looking at where you're at now could provide this wonderful experience.

I know for myself, looking forward to the future and what possibilities lie ahead can set off enough of a spark that gets me going. While this may not be an instant "ecstatic experience", I believe it helps put me into the right frame of mind that I need to get there. There are other days when this doesn't work, but this happens because I allow negativity to block the path.

I believe there are a few things in life that can naturally set off euphoria without too much effort on our part. But I also believe moments of ecstasy can be experienced daily through possessing the right frame of mind - an appreciative and open one.
- Original blog entry from 04.07.2011

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