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"Excellence is an art won through training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle


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Hello everyone! I've just released my 99th motivational wallpaper for my gallery (22nd for the year) titled "Excellence".

You might be wondering why I'd put out a tropical (almost summer-like) wallpaper this late in the year. Well, nothing says December better than surfing in the Tropics, right? Ok, maybe I'm just trying to deal with the reality that I live in Wisconsin and it's December now. And the snow will soon be covering everything around here. Realizing this, I feel I have to allow my mind to take me to other places I'd rather be at - nothing wrong with that, right?

Regarding this image...I've never surfed myself, but I have this strange fascination when I watch surfboarding. It's quite impressive when a surfer "Hangs Ten" on a big wave. Being able to actually "Hang Ten" is considered one of the more impressive feats one can do on a surfboard. One could say that this act is surfing "excellence". (Read this for more on "Hanging Ten".)

Excellence of course doesn't come easy. Nothing great or worthwhile ever does. Excellence comes as a result of a combination of knowledge (knowing what to do), action (doing it), repetition (enabling yourself to do it better and better), determination (strong desire on achieving it), commitment (not giving up on it), and time (allowing you to master it) blended together. Leave one of these ingredients out, and you will probably fall short of true excellence.

The late great Vince Lombardi pounded this into the minds of the football players that played for him many years ago. He taught his teams to strive for perfection, and in the process, they would catch excellence. Although they never had a perfect season, they did win 5 championships and 2 Super Bowls under Lombardi. And many of his players went on to be inducted into the NFL Football's Hall of Fame.

For most things in life, perfection is unattainable. No one is perfect. But attaining excellence in your chosen field or focus is the next best thing to it!
- Original blog entry from 12.04.2010

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