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"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes." - Mahatma Gandhi


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Today I've finished up another success wallpaper. I've posted it to my gallery entitled, "X-Factor", making it my 98th motivational wallpaper overall for the site.

A few years ago, when I first started out, I had made up my mind to create at least 1 wallpaper for every letter of the English alphabet. Then that took another twist and I created something like a success-based alphabet, kind of like what the US Military has.

Of course the alphabet needed to be based on words that are related to topics or phrases of inspiration, motivation, or success. So I started with "A" and worked my way down, jotting down words that began with "A" in the list. Then I choose the word that best fit the sound of that letter. Then I did "B" and so on, and so forth. When I got to the letter "X", the only phrase that came to mind was the phrase "x-factor". I've heard this before a few times, and after looking it up it seemed as though it could work for my "success alphabet". (I have the list made, but I have 2 more wallpapers to make before the list is completed.)

According to, the term "x factor" is fully defined as "a hard-to-describe influence or quality; an important element with unknown consequences; also written X-factor". I liked the hyphenated version more as it matches well with the military's word for "X" (being "x-ray").

I really like how Gandhi's quote fit in perfectly with the idea that our thoughts are like the "x-factors" for what we ultimately become. Our quality of life depends on the quality of our thoughts. Although it is true, we don't know what the future holds, what is also true is that our lives are greatly affected by our thoughts. If we keep thinking in a positive way, those thoughts build upon themselves and help build our development into better people to help bring us to where we want to go. Guard your thoughts, for they ultimately make you!
- Original blog entry from 11.20.2010

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