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"A true leader shows others the way to go forward and enables them to do so by giving them hope regardless of the current situation." - Lincoln Patz


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After much work and time, I've finished up on another motivational wallpaper for everyone today. I really wanted to post this one a week ago, but I knew more work was needed for it to be really finished. This new wallpaper is named "Leadership" and is my 95th wallpaper overall in my gallery.

Leadership has been defined as the quality or function of leading, or owning the characteristics necessary to be a leader, as in the ability to lead. But leadership is really a quality that must be active in order for it to become realized. It's about being a servant. It's about having the courage to say "yes" - as in stepping up when a need or crisis arises. A person who leads others to help them get to their goals or an organization's goals does it for the greater good, and not their own.

A few reasons why we just don't see more real leaders today is because some are too shy to take a stand or step up their responsibility. Maybe they don't want to step out of their comfort zone. Another is a lack of character. By this I mean that some people may have a position of power, and they get caught up in that power that they forget what they are there for - to lead and serve others. But instead they take the position or job merely to satisfy their own self-serving needs. That is not leadership.

Leadership at it's core is about standing up in the face of adversity and having the courage to keep going. It's about self-sacrifice and putting others before yourself for the good of everyone. Being a leader requires sacrifice, discipline, courage, vision, and patience.

I believe leadership is something that we all have an innate ability to create and develop. Yes, any one of us can become a leader. I believe it's part of the human makeup that, for most people, goes untapped. We don't realize how great we can be. The notion that some people are just naturally born leaders has some validity (i.e.- the person's personality or opportunities and environments that such a person may have been exposed to). But I believe that one must still make the decision for him/herself and take charge to make a change. We all have the ability to become a leader of some capacity. We all have that potential.

I'd like to challenge you to do something today - wherever you may be - that exhibits leadership. Stand out. Go against your own instincts by doing something - anything - that will make you take your first step to becoming a leader. Only you know what that may entail. There might be someone in your life right now with a need that you don't know about. There's a simple solution to that - just ask! Inquire how you can help out in some way. Keep asking around until you find someone with a need that you can help fulfill. Even a simple word of encouragement exemplifies leadership. It doesn't have to be something gigantic.

These are the simple small steps that can put you on the road to becoming a leader. This builds your character, it helps others, and it does make a difference. This is leadership!
- Original blog entry from 10.15.2010

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