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"You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration." - James Allen


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Hi everyone! I've managed to pull together another new wallpaper for you tonight. This one is my 81st wallpaper I've created for my success gallery overall (4th for this year). I've named it, "Aspire".

Aspirations. They require us to look up at what is possible. And when we focus our thoughts on those higher possibilities, it is there that we are able to recognize our own opportunities - opportunities that we have failed to see until now.

Aspirations have the power to turn a simple wish into a worthy and attainable goal. Of course, it doesn't end there. To aspire is to simply begin. But one does have to start somewhere. We all need to take a first step of any journey if we are to ever get anywhere. Sadly, too many people in life fail to take this simple first step. As a result, they will never get anywhere because they've never aspired to be anything greater than what they are now.

I trust that this is not your reality though. I believe I can say that because you are here reading this right now looking for ways to inspire yourself.

Keep your aspirations close to your heart, and never let go of them. They can lead you to become as great as you can imagine!
- Original blog entry from 02.22.2010

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Original image taken by Jen Dudek & used with permission.


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