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"Live intentionally now, certain overcoming lies near."
- Lincoln Patz

Conquer It

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Good evening everyone! Tonight I am releasing my last inspirational wallpaper for the year. So here it is, wallpaper #77, which I've named: "Conquer It".

The quote above is one I had created a while ago, as it uses every first letter of my first name - kind of a reverse acronym.

Some days while I'm running, I would hit a point where pain or exhaustion may start to overtake me. It may sound corny, but when I hit that "wall", I like to say this phrase to myself and it helps motivate me to go on.

"Living intentionally now" is a way to say that I need to forget about that pain (or exhaustion) and purposefully move forward and just get the job done - no matter what obstacle lies in front of me. By doing this, then "certain", or guaranteed, achievement is near - waiting for me to arrive.

Why don't I just use the word "achievement" then? Two reasons. 1.) Achievement is fine, but "overcoming" helps to highlight the challenges that one will typically face along the path to success. 2.) It would ruin the acronym otherwise. smile

So, that's the story behind the quote. The image here has helped me to visualize even more that picture of overcoming and reaching the top of the hill.

In the proverbial "hill" of my life, even though I may feel like I'm still a long ways from arriving at my ultimate goal, living intentionally with each step, I am getting closer to overcoming that hill.

Special Note:
This image was originally taken by my own Father last month (in November) of me running up this big hill. (Thanks for the help, Dad!)

And in case you were wondering if I had done any post processing (that's altering the picture digitally) to the original image - YES!!! I cannot tell a lie - I did. (If the skies had really been this gorgeous, I probably would've been still staring at the skies instead of getting the picture taken.)

Part of my joy in working on these wallpapers is taking something raw and reworking it - at least a little - to fit an idea I have for a success wallpaper. In fact, rarely will you find any wallpapers here without some sort of post work done on it. Now, there are a few rare shots - that I am either lucky enough to capture, or be allowed to use by other great photographers - that are just perfect the way they are. But for the most part, image editing and making them into wallpapers is what I take great pleasure in. That, and sharing them here with you. smile
- Original blog entry from 12.09.2009

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