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Never Give Up


"Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young." - Benjamin Franklin


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You might be wondering who is that on my home page today? It's my dog - well, it's actually my parent's dog - but I still call him my own too. Meet Lucky, our aging chocolate Lab. He's still alive and with us. Lucky turned 12 on September 12th this year (his golden birthday), but is still going strong - at least in his spirit.

Whenever I visit my parent's home, he always comes running to greet me - like everybody that stops in. But, he still makes me feel special nevertheless. Lucky has been my exercise buddy for over 10 years. Unfortunately, though, he's suffering from too much arthritis in his legs to continue with that activity. Regardless, I'd still have to say that he's still living a good life.

I took this picture a couple years ago during the Fall by my parents house. He's a bit more whiter in the face now, but still filled with much love in his little heart. (He's such a people-person kind of dog.)

So, with that little bit of background about this background, I give you success wallpaper #75, entitled, "Age".

One thing I loved about this photo the most is how he seems to be deep in thought, as though he were reminiscing about some fond memory of maybe running after a deer in the woods, or eating up someone's leftovers under the table. Yes, he's a great old friend who's young at heart!

Special Note:
One thing that might urk some quote historians here is the quote reference. I've credited Ben Franklin as the original source here. But I've also seen in multiple places on the web that this same quote was attributed to Sir Arthur Pinero (and even a few more people, but these were the top two). However, I couldn't find any references which specifically highlighted which person was the original source. If anyone can generate very credible evidence that Pinero was the true original source, I'll be happy to change this reference. But that of course would also have to prove that Franklin never said this either, which would be very difficult to do. Seeing that Franklin existed much earlier than Pinero, I'll have to attribute the quote to him for now.
- Original blog entry from 11.10.2009

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