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"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage."
- George William Curtis


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"Finally!" That's my word of the day. Why is that my word of the day? It's because I've been going back and forth - for what has seemed to be an eternity - on what theme this particular wallpaper should embody. I really wanted to post this wallpaper on Monday, but I wasn't convinced that this piece was done yet. So, I kept working on this until I felt the image, theme, and quote fit perfectly together.

I can't remember when a wallpaper's theme went through so many changes as this one did. Anyway, it's finally done now. I can post this and move on - finally.

So here it is! My 71st motivational wallpaper, which I call "Navigate".

The funny thing is, while working on this one, I had given a thought to just letting this one go and complete it for a later time. I would've used a different wallpaper that I was closer to finishing up, as during these last few weeks, I've made other alternative wallpapers. But - as I already mentioned - I opted to stick with this one and just finish it up.

What's nice now is that I've got close to 4 or 5 wallpapers that are mostly done and planned out now, so I'll be able to release these next couple of new ones on a regular schedule until the end of the year.

Oh, and one last thing: have a Happy Day of 9's - as today is 09-09-09. Have a great day!
- Original blog entry from 09.09.2009

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