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"Start planning for the future today, so that you may be prepared and ready for tomorrow." - Lincoln Patz


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Hello again! June is here, and summer is really starting to take shape. Graduation parties, cookouts, vacations: these are all things that make summer feel like summer. Living in Wisconsin, winters are the longest seasons of the year - no matter what the calendar says. So when the summer season comes around, I want to take advantage!

Living in the moment and enjoying what we have now is important. But planning for the future is important too. Not just for our own futures, but also for the futures of those who depend upon us. And that brings me to my main topic - which is also the theme for my 66th motivational wallpaper - "Planning".

I am a single guy, so I don't have the familial responsibilities that many people - those who are blessed with children or other dependants - have. But I do think about my future - a lot. I also put hope in the thought that one day I'll meet someone, get married, and settle down to start a family of my own. However, I don't want to wait till circumstances force me to have to make plans when that time comes.

I intend to use this wallpaper to motivate myself to keep planning out my own future. Not only for my own benefit, but more importantly, for the good of my future family I one day will have. Of course this idea doesn't have to just focus on family. Many areas of life that require proper organized planning fall into this category.

I like that this image can also double for the idea that we need to plan - not only for our dependants - but for ourselves too. If you want to retire one day, you'll need your own "nest egg" of course. Or, if you feel that you're not the type who plans on retiring, at least you'd have the option. Most who are wise would want the option.

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote, "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." Part of planting seeds is organized planning. Plans that will one day reap a harvest and enable you to accomplish a worthy goal.
- Original blog entry from 06.04.2009

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