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"When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but at the abundance that's present, the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience heaven on earth." - Sarah Ban Breathnach


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Happy first day of Spring everyone! Just knowing that warmer weather is around the corner brings a smile to my face.

I just finished uploading my sixty-first wallpaper to the gallery entitled "Focus".

I took this photo last year in the spring and wanted to use it as a wallpaper to remind me of the fact that whatever we focus on in life tends to become our reality. We can choose to look at the good or the bad. We can even see bad in good, or good in the bad. However, only one of these viewpoints - seeing good in every circumstance - can enable us to move forward. This simple truth has only become more real for me in my life.

On another note, I'd thought that I'd let you know that I'm already planning out my next two wallpapers to coincide with two upcoming days which are recognized every year - at least here in the United States. I won't call them holidays, because they aren't really celebrated as such. But if you look at the upcoming days on a calendar, you may be able to figure out what the next two topics may be about. (That's all I'll say for now.) ;-)

Here's hoping your focus is set to "positive".

Have a great day!
- Original blog entry from 03.20.2009

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