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"The greatest shot of adrenaline is doing something so new, bold, and intense that it excites your mind, body, and soul." - Lincoln Patz


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Well, it's been a busy day (and week) for me as tomorrow I'm leaving on a trip to Arizona. I'm very excited to go, seeing that I do very little traveling. Outside of Hawaii, the farthest west I've ever been to was Minnesota - remember, I live in Wisconsin. :-)

I'm going to be gone for 10 days, but I wanted to get this new wallpaper up in the gallery before I left. So, I'm finally revealing to you a wallpaper I've been holding on to for a while now. I had finished this one a while back in the spring of 2008. However, I have my own little system of how I release new wallpapers on my site, and given the schedule I had this month, I thought that this would finally be the time to release it.

So, without further ado, I give you my 57th motivational wallpaper, "Adrenalize".

In case you all were wondering just what the image is in the wallpaper, it is my own mind's eye view (call it an artistic expression) of what happens in the mind when you experience a rush of adrenaline. (Just use your imagination.)
- Original blog entry from 01.15.2009

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