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"Anyone who keeps and develops the ability to see beauty never grows old." - Franz Kafka


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Today I've finally posted a new motivational wallpaper that I've entitled "Beauty", which would make this my 54th wallpaper overall.

I wanted to get this out last weekend, but things got too hectic as I had other tasks that I had to tend to. I finally found some time today to make this available.

When I create new wallpapers, I try to post material that reflects a lesson that I've recently learned myself. It becomes a reminder of that lesson that I should try to live out in my life. After I create them, I will decide if they are worthy of posting to my gallery that you see here.

Right now, where I live, we've seen some heavy winter weather that makes me look outside and just see "work" that needs to be done. But if I can put those negative thoughts aside, and see some beauty in the falling snow - which can be gorgeous sometimes, I can't deny that - I know that I can grow a little bit by seeing and appreciating that beauty that is there, as I shovel it off my driveway. :-)
- Original blog entry from 12.09.2008

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